Take Your Next 2020 Fishing Adventure to the Next Level with Hewescraft Boats

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There are a handful of names associated with the best fishing vessels, and Hewescraft is certainly one of them. These boats offer everything you need to brave even the toughest waters, so no matter what the day throws at you, you’ll be ready. It’s probably why many water emergency vessels bear this name. And why you’ll want to get one for yourself. Stop by Tom-n-Jerry’s Boat Center in Mount Vernon, Washington, and we’ll help you find the perfect Hewescraft boat for you. We welcome all those from Seattle and Tacoma, so visit us today!

Protected Waters

For those who spend most of their time in lakes and rivers, you’ll probably want to check out the protected waters boats. These will give you the performance you need at a price you’re going to love.

Pro V

The Pro V is the ultimate versatility machine. These vessels actually blend features from both freshwater and saltwater boats, so you can even dabble in offshore boating with them. This is partially thanks to the wider hull and deeper V-cut, with an optional full-width, extended transom to help you cut through just about any type of water with ease.


It’s the classic Hewescraft boat, the Sportsman is unmatched in its class and has been the company’s best-selling vessel for over a decade. The secret is in the rugged hull and sleek bow, which combines durability with performance to give you the ultimate vessel. Not to mention, it offers excellent fuel economy. It’s small enough to launch on your own while still offering enough space to fit the whole family, so if all you need is a solid, reliable boat, then the Sportsman is probably what you’re looking for.

Medium Ocean Boat

Just to be clear, the ocean is big. It’s the boats that are medium size. These off-shore boats are designed to give you the durability you need in a more compact space than some of the bigger vessels you’ll be cruising by.

Ocean Pro

It’s the vessel of the Pacific Northwest: the Ocean Pro. If you’re a dedicated angler looking for a boat that can keep up with your passion, then these are the models you’ll want to start with. The combination of safety, elbow room, and fishing-friendly affordability make it the perfect boat for some of our most committed fishing enthusiasts, now with a longer fishing deck!

Sea Runner

Now featuring a wider hull, the Sea Runner constantly looks for ways to push the boundaries for mid-sized boats. You’ll get up to speed faster with better planing and reduced tipping. And, of course, you’ll get plenty of storage space and seating for all your fishing and boating friends.

Pacific Cruiser

In 22 and 24 foot models, the Pacific Cruiser offers a craft with higher sides and a stable ride. It’s also decked out with all the essential features for anglers, like a big deck, 40-gallon fish box, and even a cabin with optional dinette and heater/stove for the kind of day trip that can’t be duplicated.

Large Ocean Boats

Are you gonna need a bigger boat? Then the large ocean boats should draw your attention and provide you with the extra space and bulk you need to brave even the roughest waters.


Named for the infamous last frontier, the Alaskan will go where no other angling boat will take you. The latest models are even bigger than the previous years and offers a wider beam, larger fuel tank, deeper hull, self-bailing deck, and a stronger transom, all so you can explore new fishing grounds. No stress, no worries, just you and your Alaskan.

It’s one thing to talk about the 2020 Hewescraft boats, it’s another to actually see them in person. That’s why you’ll want to stop by Tom-n-Jerry’s Boat Center so we can show you these vessels up close and in person. We invite all to visit us today, whether you’re in our neck of the woods in Mount Vernon, Washington, or in nearby Seattle and Tacoma.