Tackle Box Essentials For Every Fisher

Fishing Box

Now that the weather has warmed up, anglers of all stripes are getting themselves and their fishing boats ready to head to the sound or a local lake or even out to the Pacific Coast. Fishing is a great spring and summer pastime, but it does require that you put in some preparation before you do it. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the lake without the tools and items you need to successfully catch fish! To that end, a well-stocked tackle box with all the essentials is a necessity.

Tom-n-Jerry’s Boat Center, located in Mount Vernon, is proud to be your Washington State fishing boat dealer. Read on to learn some of the most essential items you should always stash in your tackle box before you hit the water!

Lures, Bobbers & Sinkers

All of these items are pretty standard issues for fishers, and you may already have several in your tackle box. But if you’re new to fishing, it’s helpful to have a selection of each of these items handy.


Your lures should include minnow imitations, top-water lures, spinners and spoons, as each of these is designed to attract a different type of fish. You may have a personal preference, but it’s always good to experiment to see which lures work best in which circumstances.


Also called floaters, these little lightweight gizmos alert you to a fish on your line. Once the bobber sinks, you know that a fish has bitten. Round red-and-white plastic bobbers are the most common design, but they limit how deeply you can cast your line. Slip bobbers can slide up and down the line and allow you to get your hook deeper into the water. A piece of cork with a stick in it will also do in a pinch, though!


Your hook and worm or lure are generally going to be too light to sink deep into the water, so a weight or sinker is needed to compensate. Keep extras on hand, because these heavy little devices are easy to lose. Sinkers were traditionally made from lead due to its heft, but its toxicity has resulted in lead being outlawed in many places because it’s bad for people and the environment. Sinkers may also be made from steel, bismuth, tungsten and brass.

Needle-Nose Pliers

This is a small tool that can be extremely useful to have in your tackle box. Use your pliers to remove hooks from fish once you’ve caught them. You can also use them to bend wires or remove other items that might be causing you issues. A pair of pliers is pretty universally handy for a lot of reasons, so make sure you have some available.

Extra Line

No fisher worth their salt wants to be caught without some extra fishing line on hand. Your line can get tangled up or break pretty easily when you’re fishing, whether it catches on something in the water or some big fish snaps it. For fishing in rougher waters, you’ll want to have extra heavy-duty line on hand, but thin and clear lines are better for calm inland waters.

Spare Hooks

You never know what kind of fish you might find in some places, so having extra hooks on hand is always a good idea. Keep a variety of different hooks, including J-hooks and French hooks, along with different sizes of hooks, in your tackle box so that you’re ready for every size and type of fish you might encounter.

First-Aid Kit

Anyone going out into nature needs to be ready to deal with minor illnesses or injuries on the fly. You should stock a first-aid kit with all the essentials and keep it in your tackle box. Items that we recommend include bandages of many sizes, gauze, waterproof medical tape, tweezers, ointment, antiseptic cream, sunscreen, bug spray, nail clippers, petroleum jelly, painkillers, antacids and anything else you think you might need.

Line Cutter

If you end up with a line that is so hopelessly snagged and tangled that you can’t deal with it, then you’ll need to cut it. Have some kind of blade to cut your line in a pinch. A pair of nail clippers like the set in your first-aid kit are excellent for this purpose because they’re compact, sharp and quick to use. But you should also have a small pocket knife or multi-tool with you.

We hope this guide proves useful in helping you to gear up for your next fishing trip. Still need a fishing boat? Stop by our Mount Vernon location today to browse our full stock of new and used fishing boats for sale. Tom-n-Jerry’s Boat Center proudly serves the greater Seattle metropolitan area as well as our neighbors on the Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.