Maintaining Your Outboard Motor

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If you’re looking for a lightweight motor that’s portable, look no further than an outboard. These engines come in a wide range of styles that make them an excellent choice for various boating applications. However, like any other internal combustion engine, you’ll need to perform maintenance on your outboard motor to ensure it keeps running well. Fortunately, Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center, Inc. is here with some tips to help you stay on track. Keep reading to learn more. When you’re ready to browse models, visit us in Mount Vernon, WA.

Regular Maintenance

The first thing you’ll want to do is keep up with regular outboard motor maintenance at home. This helps you keep your engine out of the shop for longer. Remember that it makes use of internal combustion to generate power, so it operates similarly to the engine on a car or motorcycle. Start by removing the cowling or outer cover that protects the motor from the water. Examine it for any signs of leakage, especially at the joints where the parts come together.

Next, you’ll need to unplug the battery before you can inspect the spark plugs. You should be checking to see that they’re clean and free of oil in their intact ceramic housing. When you reinstall the spark plugs after your inspection, be sure to torque them to your manufacturer’s specifications.

You should also check the oil. Make sure it’s the correct consistency and color. If you happen to notice metal shavings or grit in it, this could indicate that parts of your outboard motor are grinding together. This will call for the assistance of a professional mechanic. Boat engines will churn through oil much faster than car engines due to how they operate. Still, you don’t want the oil to vanish too quickly as this could indicate that there’s a leak. Check the air filter to make sure it’s not too dirty. Confirm that the fuel line is in good shape and securely attached.

Post-Boating Maintenance.

Each time you enjoy a boating trip, make a point to rinse and flush your engine. After all, saltwater and freshwater can both be corrosive if you leave them on the engine to dry. Start your engine when the boat is out of the water. Leave it in neutral as it pumps out the water. Unhook the fuel line and allow the outboard motor to burn off the remaining fuel so it doesn’t sit inside your engine and corrode it. Clamp the fuel line first so it doesn’t spray gasoline everywhere. After your engine sputters dry, you can shut it off and hit the battery switch if there is one.

Professional Maintenance

Last but not least, don’t neglect professional maintenance for your engine. You should take care of this at least once a year so any concerns can be addressed. You might need their services more often if you discover issues that are beyond your ability to repair at home. If you have trouble getting your engine to start or you’ve noticed a decrease in performance, allow the team of professionals at Tom-N-Jerry’s Boat Center, Inc. to help you get it back into shape.

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