Cooking On Your Boat

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If you’ve got a vessel large enough for a group, you’ll likely want to feed that group during your marine adventures. Cooking on your boat may seem like a challenge, but with the right preparatory work and some forethought, it doesn’t have to be! This guide by Tom-n-Jerry’s Boat Center of Mount Vernon, WA should help you get some quality cuisine going on your next trip.

Using Your Grill

Your boat may be large enough to have its own galley (kitchen), in which case you can use that to cook your food. If not, though, you’re relegated to using a portable grill. There are several different styles of marine grills, which can clip to the sides of your craft or onto a seat, or they can be used on a heat-safe table. A VertiGrille is a device that has skewers which point directly up so you can cook meat and vegetable pieces easily and have space for more food on the grill.

What To Cook

Simpler fare is best when you’re cooking on the water. Obviously, with a grill, hot dogs and hamburgers and chicken are always popular options. Vegetable and mushroom kebabs are another great choice. Wrapping corn in foil is a good way to cook it on the grill, and you can even find recipes that make use of foil for wrapping fish or cooking desserts on your grill.

Aside from that, you can also bring foods that don’t need to be heated up, like potato salad, hard-boiled eggs you cooked at home, pasta or green salads, cut-up vegetables and dip or fresh fruit. Preparing a great meal on the water doesn’t have to be difficult!

Safety Tips

When using a grill on your boat, you’ll need to be extremely cautious. Make sure it’s secured well so that choppy waters don’t send your grill and its hot contents flying everywhere. If you’re using propane as a fuel source, don’t store it near anything flammable because it can be explosive. Keep the tank turned off and store it in a cool area when not in use.

Your craft should be equipped with at least one functioning fire extinguisher as well as a first aid kit with medications and bandages for addressing injuries and illnesses.

Because your boat is in motion and water is unpredictable, you want to eliminate any hazards that you can. Serving your food pre-cut in bite-size pieces removes knives from the equation. Spoons are safer than forks, too. Allow food to cool a bit before serving so it doesn’t scald anyone. Add flour or instant mashed potato flakes to soups to thicken up the broth, which will prevent it from spilling over. Serving liquid foods in mugs instead of bowls is also safer.

Summertime Boating Activities

There are plenty of great seasonal boat activities you can do while enjoying the great food you’ve just prepared! For example, you might want to spread out a checkered blanket and have a picnic on deck if you’ve got the space, or dock on shore after a cruise to have a picnic by the water instead. While you’re on the beach, you might opt to build sandcastles, or you could fly kites if the winds are good before you head back onto the boat.

Hosting a party on your boat is another great way to enjoy summer weather. Imagine a barbeque on the water with your pontoon grill, or a fancy evening cocktail party with string lights and a wet bar with all the mixers and garnishes you’ll need for classy drinks. The type of boat party you can have and the decorations and food you prepare for it are all up to your imagination.

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