Choosing the Right Fishing Boat

Choosing the Right Fishing Boat

The weather’s starting to warm up, so some of you may be looking to upgrade some of your gear now so you’re ready when that perfect weekend rolls around and it’s time to soak up the sun. One of the biggest, and most important, pieces of gear you won’t want to put off upgrading is your fishing boat. Choosing the right fishing boat is essential for getting the best performance and finding some of the best game. Tom-n-Jerry’s has provided you with a way to find the right fishing boat to fit your needs so when you drop by our dealership, you can let us know exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re from Seattle or Tacoma, Washington, or the great state of Alaska, then stop by today.

Fishing Styles

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your options is to think about what kind of fishing you’ll be doing. This may start with specific species you like, although we find it easier to narrow it down by location.

Freshwater Fishing

One of the tricks to freshwater fishing is navigating the different water depths that you’ll run into. Freshwater can be very shallow, like when you’re near the bank looking for bass or catfish. These are going to be difficult for standard boats to navigate, so you’ll want to get a very special kind of boat if you plan to fish in these parts often. These boats will be lightweight with a flat bottom, and most likely one with an outboard motor. They won’t run aground in this environment and they’ll still be quick and agile.

Then again, there are plenty of areas that will be much deeper. This can mean a number of different rapid severities, so you might want to consider getting something versatile. A V-shaped hull made of a sturdy but lightweight material can help you cut through chop without getting dragged down.

Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing can be a little more demanding. The waters can get rougher and the environment is more corrosive, between the salt and the sand and the wind. Because of this, you’ll want a boat that can take a serious beating.

Then again, even out on the ocean, there are areas where you may need one particular feature more than others. For example, if you’re closer to shore, you might run into shallower waters and more debris. There are models specifically known as bay boats that can provide you with great features for this kind of boating.

But many of you are more familiar with the deepwater part of saltwater fishing. In this case, you’ll want something that’s durable and has a deep v-shaped hull so you can cut through not only deep waters, but rough waters. It’ll also probably be big and made of aluminum to give you all the help you’ll need.


Size is another great way to narrow down the field. You can consider size for a number of different parameters. For example, think about what we just said about saltwater boats: they’re usually bigger. This is to help keep your boat from being overpowered by the ocean, but it’s also because people who spend time on the ocean tend to do so for a long period of time. The more time you’re out on the water, the more you’ll probably value extra elbow room, especially since oceanic fish can be pretty big. In fact, some people even choose to spend the night on the ocean, so many of these models come with their own cabin that features a bed, food prep area, and bathroom.

You’ll also want to consider how many people will come with you, no matter what kind of water you’re on. At the very least, everyone should have a place to sit when the boat is in motion, for safety purposes.

There are many other ways to narrow down your options, but eventually you’ll have to stop by your local boat dealer, like Tom-n-Jerry’s, and check out some of these models in person. If you’re from Seattle or Tacoma, Washington, stop by and let our experienced staff know how we can help you. We also serve the great state of Alaska.