Being an Energy Efficient Dealer

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Tom-n-Jerry’s has always aimed to reduce our carbon footprint and was one of the first businesses to implement solar panels. We are a part of the Honda Green Dealer program, which encourages dealers across the US to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Buildings account for 40% of US energy consumption and carbon emissions making them higher than any other source. Kelly Hawley, our dealership owner, chose to install $50,000 worth of solar panels to the roof of the building and stated that the solar panels really paid for themselves. They will be fully paid off within five years, which makes for a truly great investment, since solar panels last for 25-30 years. They also reduce carbon emissions by about 80% through clean, renewable energy sources.

Solar panels work by gathering energy from the sun during the dry summer months so that during the winter a credit is issued to our energy account and we end up saving money overall. This is certainly a great option to consider whether your business has been up and running for awhile or you’re just embarking on your venture. If you currently run a dealership and are looking to save some money and reduce your carbon emissions, please visit: to download their guide to going green!  If you have any questions regarding switching to solar power, contact us and we’d be happy to answer them!